The Judging Process

Captive Review's team of independent, external judges is updated each year and is selected to bring a diverse range of in-depth captive expertise to the judging process.

All judges are required to sign a disclaimer form to keep all submitted information and the winners confidential, and are obliged to declare that they have no conflicts of interest prior to judging. The full list of judges will be published after the judging process has been completed so that there is no attempt to influence the judges as this would result in immediate disqualification from the awards.

Groups of judges are allocated categories, which are aligned to their specific market knowledge and avoiding conflict of interest. Each group of judges have no access to the submissions or results of categories they are not involved in judging.

The judges read and analyse each submission then score them based on a numerical voting system and provide justification. Once the scores are submitted the winners are then automatically calculated by our online judging platform. A Highly Commended may also be rewarded in this instance.


Insurance Program Director, AES Corporation
AES Corp
Manager, Risk Management Services
BCBS Michigan
President of STICO
Assistant Vice President for Risk Management and Resilience Planning at the University of Chicago
University of Chicago
Vice President of Risk Management at Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Interim Executive Director of Captive Insurance Programs for the University of California
University of California
Director of Insurance, Taxes, and Appraisals at O’Brien-Staley Partners (OSP)
O’Brien-Staley Partners (OSP)
President & CEO of BevCap Management, LLC
Global Specialty Risk Manager for Caterpillar Financial Insurance Services
Director of Insurance for First Student, Inc.
First Student
Senior Captive Analyst
Cummins Inc. and Dynamo Insurance Company, Inc.
Vice president, insurance and risk at Kite Realty Group
Kite Realty